A group resource represents a YouTube Analytics group, which is a custom collection of up to 500 channels, videos, playlists, or assets.

All of the items in a group must represent the same type of resource. For example, you cannot create a group that contains 100 videos and 100 playlists.

An Analytics group can only contain resources that you have uploaded or claimed or that are linked to a channel that you administer. As a result, channel owners can create groups of videos and playlists. Content owners can create groups of videos, playlists, channels, or assets.


The API supports the following methods for groups resources:

Returns a list of groups that match the API request parameters. For example, you can retrieve all groups that the authenticated user owns, or you can retrieve one or more groups by their unique IDs. Try it now.
Creates a YouTube Analytics group. After creating a group, use the groupItems.insert method to add items to the group. Try it now.
Modifies the metadata for a group. Currently, the only property that can be updated is the group's title. (Use the groupItems.insert and groupItems.delete to add and remove group items.) Try it now.
Deletes a group. Try it now.

Resource representation

The JSON structure below shows the format of a groups resource:

  "kind": "youtube#group",
  "etag": etag,
  "id": string,
  "snippet": {
    "publishedAt": datetime,
    "title": string
  "contentDetails": {
    "itemCount": unsigned long,
    "itemType": string


The following table defines the properties that appear in this resource:

kind string
Identifies the API resource's type. The value will be youtube#group.
etag etag
The Etag of this resource.
id string
The ID that YouTube uses to uniquely identify the group.
snippet object
The snippet object contains basic information about the group, including its creation date and name.
snippet.publishedAt datetime
The date and time that the group was created. The value is specified in ISO 8601 (YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.sZ) format.
snippet.title string
The group name. The value must be a non-empty string.
contentDetails object
The contentDetails object contains additional information about the group, such as the number and type of items that it contains.
contentDetails.itemCount unsigned long
The number of items in the group.
contentDetails.itemType string
The type of resources that the group contains.

Valid values for this property are:
  • youtube#channel
  • youtube#playlist
  • youtube#video
  • youtubePartner#asset