About the Google Workspace Marketplace SDK

The Google Workspace Marketplace SDK is a toolkit that lets you create and control your app listing on the Google Workspace Marketplace, or for Chat apps, in Google Chat.

The Google Workspace Marketplace is a website that lists Google Workspace Add-ons, Editor Add-ons, Drive apps, and Web apps that are integrated with Google Workspace, such as security, CRM, document management, and project management tools.

An app listing is the collection of text, graphics, and app integrations that describe your application and determine how it surfaces within Google Workspace. Google doesn't charge a listing fee to distribute apps through the Google Workspace Marketplace.

App integrations

App integrations determine how and where users interact with your app in Google Workspace. For example, a Google Sheets add-on is accessible from Sheets and extends the functionality of Sheets. Your app must support an integration with one or more Google Services .

You can publish an app listing on Google Workspace Marketplace for the following app integrations:

For Chat apps, you can use the Google Workspace Marketplace SDK to publish a Chat app in Google Chat.

List app integrations together

Some app integrations can be combined in your app listing. For example, if your app enhances the functionality of Sheets and is also accessible as a web app, you can publish an app listing that includes a Sheets add-on and a web app that's added to the Google apps menu across Google Workspace products.

To learn more, see List app integrations together.