Publish apps to the Google Workspace Marketplace

This page explains the steps to publish an app to the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Prepare for the publishing process

This section explains how to prepare your app to be ready to publish to the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Decide what you want to publish

To be listed on the Google Workspace Marketplace, the app that you build must extend at least one Google Workspace application. To learn about the types of apps you can build and publish, see App integrations. If you're publishing a Google Chat app, see Publish Google Chat apps for additional publishing requirements.

Determine the audience for your app

Google Workspace Marketplace apps can either be public or private:

  • Public: Public apps can be viewed and installed by anyone who uses the Google Workspace Marketplace. Public apps have additional publishing requirements to be listed on the Marketplace.
  • Private: If you built your app using a Google Workspace account, you can publish the app privately to your Google Workspace organization. Private apps are only available to users in your organization, and are also listed in the Internal Apps section of the Marketplace.

After you publish your app as either private or public, you can't change this setting. Before you publish your app, make sure you've accurately determined your audience.

Public apps: Review additional publishing requirements

If you plan to publish a public app, make sure your app meets the following Marketplace requirements:

Publish your app

Publishing flow for an app
Figure 1: The process of publishing an app to the Google Workspace Marketplace.

After you've built your app, you can publish it by completing the following steps:

  1. Create a Google Cloud project to configure and manage your listing on the Google Workspace Marketplace. If you've already created a Cloud project for your app, then you should use this Cloud project for your listing.
  2. Configure OAuth for your app. For public apps, you might need to submit your app for an OAuth review.
  3. Test that your app is working properly. To test public apps, you can use the review criteria related to app functionality and user experience. You should also make sure you have a website and logo for your app, because you'll need these assets for your app's listing in the Marketplace.
  4. Enable the Google Workspace Marketplace SDK to configure your app for things like its visibility, installation settings, and which Google Workspace applications it extends.
  5. Create a store listing that explains and promotes your app to users.
  6. After you configure and save all required settings in the Google Workspace Marketplace SDK, submit your app to be published. Depending on the audience for your app, your app is published immediately or undergoes a final review:

    • For private apps, your app listing is immediately available to everyone in your Google Workspace organization.
    • For public apps, your app is reviewed by Google. After Google approves your app, your app listing is available to everyone in the Marketplace. To learn about the status of a public app, see Check your app listing's publication status.

    For all apps, the app installation settings determine whether all users or only Google Workspace administrators can install the app.