Create a store listing

The information you provide on the Store Listing page advertises your app to potential users within the Google Workspace Marketplace. Some of the fields are optional, but filling them out can help make your app listing more descriptive.

Gather your assets

We recommend that you collect the following assets before you fill out the Store Listing page.

App details

App details are displayed on your Store Listing page in the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Required fields

LanguageThe language(s) for your app details. If you include multiple languages, users who have selected the language view the localized version. Otherwise, users view your app details in the default language that you choose.
Application nameThis is the name shown in the app listing and should match the name in your OAuth consent screen. Limit the name to 50 characters or less to ensure it displays well. Don't use the word "Google" or other Google product names.
Short descriptionA short summary of your app and what it does (200 characters limit).
Detailed descriptionA longer description of your app. It's presented in the Overview section, under the screenshots you provide. Limit this to less than 16,000 characters.
CategorySelect the category most appropriate for your app listing. When you publish, your app listing appears in that collection for greater discoverability.

Optional fields

We recommend that you include pricing information for your app. In the Pricing field, you can specify the pricing model for your app:

  • Free of charge—Users can install and use all of the app's features free of charge.
  • Paid—Users must pay to access and use the app.
  • Free of charge trial—Users can use the app free of charge for a period of time.
  • Free of charge with paid features—Users can access the app free of charge but must pay for select features, such as premium features.

Graphic assets

Graphics are used in the Google Workspace Marketplace to illustrate and advertise apps.

Required fields

Application iconsAt least two icon images—one sized to 128 x 128 pixels and another to 32 x 32 pixels. Apps that include a web app also require 96 x 96 and 48 x 48 pixel icons.
Application card bannerSized to 220 x 140 pixels.
ScreenshotsAt least one screenshot showing your app's integration with Google services is required, but you can provide up to five. These should be 1280 x 800 pixels in size. If necessary, screenshots 640 x 400 pixels or 2560 x 1600 pixels in size can be used. Your screenshots should have square corners and no padding (full bleed).

Optional fields

Optionally, in the YouTube Promo Videos section, you can add one or more YouTube videos that describe and promote your app.

Support links let users get help with your app and review your terms and policies.

Required fields

Terms of serviceA link to a web page that describes your terms of service.
Privacy policyA link to a web page that describes your privacy policy.
SupportA link to a web page that describes how your users can get help from you if they're having issues with your app.

Optional fields

SetupA link to a web page that describes how to set up the app after installation. Recommended if the app requires configuration that's hard to explain well within the UI.
Admin configA link to a web page that tells domain administrators how to configure the app for their users. Unnecessary unless the app requires a domain-level configuration.
HelpFor use with Editor add-ons only. If this link is provided, in the add-on's Help menu, a Learn more button is presented.
Report issueFor use with Editor add-ons only. If this link is provided, in the add-on's Help menu, a Report an issue button is presented.

Publish an app

  1. In the Google Cloud console, click Menu > APIs & Services > Google Workspace Marketplace SDK > Store Listing.

    Go to Store Listing

  2. Fill out the sections for App Details, Graphic Assets, and Support Links. If you use or mention any Google trademarks, ensure that your app complies with the Google Workspace Marketplace branding guidelines.

  3. (Optional) To publish your app to only select regions, in the Distribution section, clear All Regions and select the regions where you want the listing to be visible. For users whose IP address isn't in a selected region, the following occurs:

    • When they search for apps in the Google Workspace Marketplace, your app listing isn't returned.
    • When they try to access the listing with a direct link, they get the error, "Sorry, this app is not available in your country or region".

    For each region, ensure that you've included the region's language in the App Details section.

  4. To save the information and publish, click Publish.

    1. If your app listing is marked as private, it's published right away.
    2. If your app listing is marked as public, it goes through a review process before it's published. See App review process and requirements.

Share your app listing

To give someone access to your app listing, add them to your Google Cloud project. See Grant a single role.

If you built your app with Apps Script, you can use a shared drive as the source location for your script project. This ensures that no single account is the sole owner of the project. Make sure your collaborators have access to the shared drive.

Once your app listing is published, install the app on a test domain and make sure it works as intended.

Check your app listing's publication status

For public app listings, you receive emails about its publication status during the review process. The emails are sent to the Developer email that you provided for your app listing.

You can also check whether your app listing is live by following these steps:

  1. Open your app's Google Cloud project in the Google Cloud console.
  2. At the top left, click Menu > APIs & Services.
  3. In the list at the bottom, click Google Workspace Marketplace SDK.
  4. At the left, click Store Listing.
  5. At the top of the page, find your publication status.

Here are the possible publication statuses and their definitions:

Status Description
Unpublished Your app listing is not live. This status appears when:
  • You haven't published yet.
  • You've unpublished your app listing. If you've unpublished it, existing users can't access your app.
  • Your app listing didn't pass app review. When this happens, Google emails you specific information about what needs improvement. Address the issues and resubmit for app review.
Under review Your app listing is not live.

Your app is under app review with the Google team. You'll receive an email when the app review is complete. To learn more, see About app review.
Approved Your app listing is live. Unless you've published as unlisted, new users can find and install your app on the Google Workspace Marketplace.

If you published your app listing as unlisted, new users need the direct URL to access it.

Some domain administrators might have applied restrictions that limit users' access to your app.