Problem resolution

While most issues with feeds are usually a matter of a typographical or formatting error, there are some issues that require additional work to resolve. One of the most common is a discrepancy between the street name as it appears in the file and the street name as it is stored in the Waze maps.

Reverse Geocoding API

The Reverse Geocoding API helps to resolve issues relating to street name inconsistencies. For instance, when a closure provided via a feed identifies a street whose name doesn't match that in the Waze map.

To resolve a street name inconsistency using this API, complete the following steps:

  1. Submit a request using this form.

    After you've received access, you will receive a link that returns the street name as it appears in the Waze map. For example,

  2. Paste this link into a web browser.

    The browser displays a page containing street names (and alternative street names, if any exist), sorted by distance in meters from the coordinates provided. For example: {"result":[{"names":["Street name"],"distance":4.54296584097681}], "lon":-43.1729,"radius":50,"lat":-22.90685}

  3. Select the name that matches the Waze records and use that name in your feed.