Group multiple Event tickets

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Sometimes, event tickets are used in a group rather than individual passes. The most frequent use case of grouping is family Event tickets.

The conditions by which object are considered to be a group depend on whether or not the class.eventID property is defined.

Group with class.eventId

The class.eventId property can group tickets, regardless of other properties. For example, if two object objects have class.eventId = "foo", even if they have different class.eventName and class.dateTime.start, both objects are considered to be in a group.

When class.eventID is used, objects only require the following properties to be consistent in order to be considered as a group:

  • Issuer ID prefix of object id
  • class.eventId

Group without class.eventId

If class.eventId isn't set for object objects, they're only considered a group if all of the following properties are the same:

  • Issuer ID prefix of object id
  • class.eventName
  • class.dateTime.start