Publishing Daydream Apps

Interested in publishing a Daydream application on the Google Play Store? Here's what you need to know to get started.

Daydream app quality

Be sure to read Daydream App Quality for information on the usability and quality standards that your Daydream apps should meet, to ensure a great user experience. Only apps that meet the Daydream App Quality criteria will qualify as a Daydream app on Google Play. Qualifying as a Daydream app means that your app is discoverable by users on Daydream.

When your app is ready, you can opt-in for designation as a Daydream app from the Play Developer Console.

Opt-in to Daydream distribution on Google Play

When you've built your release-ready APK and tested to ensure that it meets all of the Daydream App Quality criteria, upload it to the Play Developer Console. Update your store listing with Daydream assets and set distribution options as needed.

Before you publish to users, you must opt-in to Daydream from the Pricing and Distribution section of the Play Developer Console.

What is the Daydream opt-in program?

Opting-in to Daydream distribution means that you want your app to be made discoverable on Daydream.

Upon publication, Google Play submits apps that are opted-in to Daydream for review against the Daydream App Quality criteria and notifies you of the result. Each uploaded APK eligible for review is tested against the criteria independently. If all active, eligible APKs (not counting closed alpha or closed beta as described below) in an app listing pass all criteria, Google Play makes it discoverable on Daydream. The app will fail review if any eligible APK does not meet the criteria.

Updating apps in production

If you want to update a Daydream app, you should first upload the new version to either closed alpha or closed beta. This ensures a previously approved production listing remains discoverable on Daydream even if the new version fails the review process. All APKs updated to closed alpha or closed beta will be reviewed and provisionally passed even if they do not meet the Daydream App Quality criteria. The review will include information on what criteria your APKs don’t meet.

If you move a provisionally passed version from closed alpha or closed beta to production and it fails the review, your app will no longer be discoverable on Daydream.

How to opt-in to Daydream on the Play Developer Console

  1. Make sure your app meets all Daydream App Quality criteria. In order for the Play Developer Console to recognize your app as eligible for Daydream opt-in, your app must:
    1. Declare the required Daydream launcher intent and feature manifest entries
    2. Include a properly formatted VR icon and reference the assets in the app manifest
    3. Prepare a stereoscopic 360° photosphere as your app's environment in Play VR
  2. In the All Applications page on the Play Developer Console, select the app you want to opt-in.
  3. Add Daydream screenshots to the app's "Store Listing", including the stereoscopic 360° photosphere.
  4. Under Pricing and Distribution, click on Daydream to find the opt-in checkbox.

  5. Click the checkbox next to Distribute your app on Daydream.

  6. Select the appropriate Motion Intensity Rating for your app.

  7. Click Save at the top of the page to save your Pricing and Distribution changes.