Get your app up and running quickly with Firebase

Try a codelab

Google Developer Codelabs provide short, guided coding experiences. Google I/O 2017 featured several Firebase-focused codelabs.

Codelabs are free, self-paced, online modules.

directions_rundirections_runLevel: Intermediate to Advanced

Firebase Analytics

Firebase Analytics is a free, unlimited analytics solution that lets you gather data about your users and how they interact with your app.

Learn how to add Firebase Analytics to your app and use it to make informed decisions about things like ad placement, products to stock, and how difficult to make a level in a game.

directions_runLevel: Intermediate

Firebase in a Weekend

Learn to use Firebase to build and scale your apps. Implement the Firebase Realtime Database and learn how to set up authentication, notifications, remote configuration, and analytics.

directions_runLevel: Intermediate