Tinkey command reference

Once you install Tinkey, you can use it to generate keys and do other management tasks like encrypting, decrypting or rotating keys.

The following table lists the commands you can use with Tinkey by running tinkey <command> [<args>].

Command Action
help Prints a help message for all available commands.
add-key Generates and adds a new key to a keyset.
convert-keyset Changes format, encrypts, decrypts a keyset.
create-keyset Creates a new keyset.
create-public-keyset Creates a public keyset from a private keyset.
list-key-templates Lists all supported key templates.
delete-key Deletes a specified key in a keyset.
destroy-key Deprecated. Destroys the key material of a specified key in a keyset. (This is deprecated: the behavior of Tink with keysets containing destroyed keys may depend on the Tink version)
disable-key Disables a specified key in a keyset.
enable-key Enables a specified key in a keyset.
list-keyset Lists keys in a keyset.
promote-key Promotes a specified key to primary.
rotate-keyset Deprecated. Adds a new key and makes it the primary. (This is deprecated: we recommend to first add a new key with add-key and later explicitly make it the primary with promote-key. Note that in distributed systems, one first needs to roll out the key with the added key to every server before one can make it the primary).