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Tink is an open-source cryptography library written by cryptographers and security engineers at Google. Tink's secure and simple APIs reduce common pitfalls through user-centered design, careful implementation and code reviews, and extensive testing.

Tink helps users without a cryptography background safely implement common cryptographic tasks. At Google, Tink has been deployed in hundreds of products and systems.

Why should I use Tink?

Cryptography is difficult to get right. With Tink, you can encrypt or sign data with just a few lines of code, with built-in security guarantees to help you avoid pitfalls.
Tink adds security protections on top of well known libraries like BoringSSL and Java Cryptography Architecture and shows them right in the interfaces, so auditors and tools can quickly find gaps. Tink also separates APIs that are potentially dangerous, so you can monitor them.
Tink ciphertexts are compatible with existing cryptography libraries. Tink also supports encrypting or storing keys in Amazon KMS, Google Cloud KMS, Android Keystore, and iOS Keychain.

Who's using Tink?

Tink is widely used by many companies, including Google, Square, and Citadel, as well as hundreds of Google Cloud customers and Google Pay partners. Tink also powers the Jetpack Security library, which secures many popular Android apps like Slack, Adidas, AirBnb, and Nextdoor.