Install Tinkey

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You can install Tinkey from prebuilt binaries, use Homebrew, or build Tinkey from the Tink source.

Install from prebuilt binaries

Download the latest version of Tinkey. This version should work well on Linux, macOS and Windows.

Install with Homebrew

To install Tinkey with Homebrew, run the following command:

brew tap google/tink
brew install tinkey

Build Tinkey from the source

You can build the latest version of Tinkey from Tink's source code by using Bazel.

  1. Install Bazel.
  2. Check out the Tink code:

    git clone
  3. Build Tinkey:

    cd tink/tools
    bazel build tinkey

Once you build Tinkey, you can find the binary bazel-bin/tinkey/tinkey.