Card FOP v1 Specification Revision History

Revision History

This is a revision history noting significant changes to the Card FOP APIs.

Date API Version Change Description APIs Impacted
2021-09-30 0.0.17 Add AdditionalTransactionProcessingResult on success responses. FundsTransfer, ReserveFunds, VerifyCard
2021-09-28 0.0.16 Deduplicate v1 Request and Response headers on ErrorResponse. All
2021-09-07 0.0.15 Add STRONG_CUSTOMER_AUTHENTICATION_REQUIRED response code. FundsTransfer, ReserveFunds
2021-08-25 0.0.14 Add PIAID segment to POST URLs. Google-hosted
2021-07-21 0.0.13 Adding new StoredCredentialTransactionInformation field to provide information about stored credential usage. FundsTransfer, ReserveFunds, VerifyCard
2021-07-20 0.0.12 Update host documentation. All
2021-06-30 0.0.11 Adding new AuthenticationDetails field to provide 3DS2 authentication result details. ReserveFunds
2021-06-28 0.0.10 Adding ECI to additional payment options FundsTransfer, ReserveFunds
2021-06-16 0.0.9 Adding new ProcessingNetworkType field to indicate whether the payment should be processed as credit or debit. FundsTransfer, ReserveFunds
2021-04-26 0.0.8 Adding support for payments made with payment tokens. FundsTransfer, ReserveFunds
2021-03-09 0.0.7 Link to v1 ErrorResponse type in service docs. All
2021-02-05 0.0.6 Add refundWindowExceeded as a decline reason for refunds Refund
2021-01-07 0.0.5 Adding new capture response code FundsTransfer, ReserveFunds
2020-12-15 0.0.4 Adding new capture response codes FundsTransfer, ReserveFunds
2020-12-01 0.0.3 Adding UNKNOWN as AVS not supported option FundsTransfer, ReserveFunds
2020-09-24 0.0.2 fixed comment formatting in DefendChargeback DefendChargeback
2020-08-05 0.0.1 Added revision history file None