This represents a presentment currency and a conversion rate in case the settlement and the purchase currencies are different.

JSON representation
  "presentmentAmount": {
    object (Amount)
  "nanoExchangeRate": string

object (Amount)

REQUIRED: If this amount is negative then it represents monetary value moving from Google to the payment integrator. If this is positive it is money from the payment integrator due to Google.

The presentment amount of the purchase in the currency that was used for the purchase. This should only be specified if the purchase currency is different than the settlement currency.


string (Int64Value format)

REQUIRED: The exchange rate used in converting the presentment amount to the settlement (invoice) amount.

This value is in nano basis points (1 basis point = .0001 = .01%). That is, to get the exchange rate, divide this field by 10^13.


  • $1 USD is €0.85 EUR.
  • USD/EUR exchange rate is: 0.85
  • USD/EUR exchange rate with 0.0001 basis point is: 0.85*10^(4)
  • USD/EUR exchange rate with nano 0.0001 basis point is: 0.85*10^(13)
  • USD/EUR exchange rate with nano 0.0001 basis point is: 8 500 000 000 000