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Resource representations

  "orderReturnId": string,
  "orderId": string,
  "merchantOrderId": string,
  "creationDate": string,
  "returnShipments": [
      "shipmentId": string,
      "state": string,
      "creationDate": string,
      "shippingDate": string,
      "deliveryDate": string,
      "shipmentTrackingInfos": [
          "carrier": string,
          "trackingNumber": string
      "returnMethodType": string
  "returnItems": [
      "itemId": string,
      "returnShipmentIds": [
      "product": {
        "id": string,
        "offerId": string,
        "targetCountry": string,
        "contentLanguage": string,
        "price": {
          "value": string,
          "currency": string
        "fees": [
            "name": string,
            "amount": {
              "value": string,
              "currency": string
        "title": string,
        "gtin": string,
        "brand": string,
        "mpn": string,
        "condition": string,
        "itemGroupId": string,
        "imageLink": string,
        "shownImage": string,
        "variantAttributes": [
            "dimension": string,
            "value": string
      "state": string,
      "customerReturnReason": {
        "reasonCode": string,
        "description": string
      "merchantReturnReason": {
        "reasonCode": string,
        "description": string
Property name Value Description Notes
creationDate string
merchantOrderId string
orderId string
orderReturnId string
returnItems[] list
returnItems[].customerReturnReason nested object
returnItems[].customerReturnReason.description string
returnItems[].customerReturnReason.reasonCode string

Acceptable values are:
  • "betterPriceFound"
  • "changedMind"
  • "damagedOrDefectiveItem"
  • "didNotMatchDescription"
  • "doesNotFit"
  • "expiredItem"
  • "incorrectItemReceived"
  • "noLongerNeeded"
  • "notSpecified"
  • "orderedWrongItem"
  • "other"
  • "qualityNotExpected"
  • "receivedTooLate"
  • "undeliverable"
returnItems[].itemId string
returnItems[].merchantReturnReason nested object
returnItems[].merchantReturnReason.description string
returnItems[].merchantReturnReason.reasonCode string

Acceptable values are:
  • "adjustment"
  • "autoPostInternal"
  • "autoPostInvalidBillingAddress"
  • "autoPostNoInventory"
  • "autoPostPriceError"
  • "autoPostUndeliverableShippingAddress"
  • "courtesyAdjustment"
  • "customerCanceled"
  • "customerDiscretionaryReturn"
  • "customerInitiatedMerchantCancel"
  • "customerSupportRequested"
  • "deliveredLateByCarrier"
  • "deliveredTooLate"
  • "expiredItem"
  • "failToPushOrderGoogleError"
  • "failToPushOrderMerchantError"
  • "failToPushOrderMerchantFulfillmentError"
  • "failToPushOrderToMerchant"
  • "failToPushOrderToMerchantOutOfStock"
  • "feeAdjustment"
  • "invalidCoupon"
  • "lateShipmentCredit"
  • "malformedShippingAddress"
  • "merchantDidNotShipOnTime"
  • "noInventory"
  • "orderTimeout"
  • "other"
  • "paymentAbuse"
  • "paymentDeclined"
  • "priceAdjustment"
  • "priceError"
  • "productArrivedDamaged"
  • "productNotAsDescribed"
  • "promoReallocation"
  • "qualityNotAsExpected"
  • "shippingCostAdjustment"
  • "shippingPriceError"
  • "taxAdjustment"
  • "taxError"
  • "undeliverableShippingAddress"
  • "unsupportedPoBoxAddress"
  • "wrongProductShipped"
returnItems[].product nested object
returnItems[].product.brand string Brand of the item.
returnItems[].product.condition string Condition or state of the item.

Acceptable values are:
  • "new"
  • "refurbished"
  • "used"
returnItems[].product.contentLanguage string The two-letter ISO 639-1 language code for the item.
returnItems[].product.fees[] list Associated fees at order creation time.
returnItems[].product.fees[].amount nested object Amount of the fee.
returnItems[].product.fees[].amount.currency string The currency of the price. writable
returnItems[].product.fees[].amount.value string The price represented as a number. writable
returnItems[].product.fees[].name string Name of the fee.
returnItems[].product.gtin string Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) of the item.
returnItems[].product.id string The REST ID of the product.
returnItems[].product.itemGroupId string Shared identifier for all variants of the same product.
returnItems[].product.mpn string Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) of the item.
returnItems[].product.offerId string An identifier of the item.
returnItems[].product.price nested object Price of the item.
returnItems[].product.price.currency string The currency of the price. writable
returnItems[].product.price.value string The price represented as a number. writable
returnItems[].product.shownImage string URL to the cached image shown to the user when order was placed.
returnItems[].product.targetCountry string The CLDR territory code of the target country of the product.
returnItems[].product.title string The title of the product.
returnItems[].product.variantAttributes[] list Variant attributes for the item. These are dimensions of the product, such as color, gender, material, pattern, and size. You can find a comprehensive list of variant attributes here.
returnItems[].product.variantAttributes[].dimension string The dimension of the variant.
returnItems[].product.variantAttributes[].value string The value for the dimension.
returnItems[].returnShipmentIds[] list
returnItems[].state string

Acceptable values are:
  • "canceled"
  • "new"
  • "received"
  • "refunded"
  • "rejected"
returnShipments[] list
returnShipments[].creationDate string
returnShipments[].deliveryDate string
returnShipments[].returnMethodType string

Acceptable values are:
  • "byMail"
  • "contactCustomerSupport"
  • "returnless"
returnShipments[].shipmentId string
returnShipments[].shipmentTrackingInfos[] list
returnShipments[].shipmentTrackingInfos[].carrier string

Acceptable values are:
  • "chronopost"
  • "colissimo"
  • "cxt"
  • "deliv"
  • "dhl"
  • "dynamex"
  • "eCourier"
  • "easypost"
  • "efw"
  • "fedex"
  • "fedexSmartpost"
  • "googleCourier"
  • "gsx"
  • "lasership"
  • "manual"
  • "mpx"
  • "onTrac"
  • "other"
  • "uds"
  • "ups"
  • "usps"
returnShipments[].shipmentTrackingInfos[].trackingNumber string
returnShipments[].shippingDate string
returnShipments[].state string

Acceptable values are:
  • "completed"
  • "new"
  • "shipped"
  • "undeliverable"


Retrieves an order return from your Merchant Center account.
Lists order returns in your Merchant Center account.

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