Tryton project

This page contains the details of a technical writing project accepted for Google Season of Docs.

Project summary

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Documentation for Basic Modules
Project length:
Standard length (3 months)

Project description

In this project I propose to review and update the documentation for the basic Tryton modules. These are the modules that people will most commonly need to activate when setting up a Tryton system.

Improvements to Tryton's module documentation will help users find the right modules for their needs, and then help them setup and use their system. Good module documentation will allow users to find the answers to some of their basic questions without needing to wait for answers on the discussion forum.

The basic modules include as a minimum the: account, account_invoice, account_invoice_stock, account_product, company, country, currency, party, product, purchase, sale and stock modules.

There are three main audiences for the Tryton documentation, users, system administrators, and developers. To help target the documentation to each of these, I suggest that each module's documentation is split up into separate files inside the doc directory. These can include files containing a table of contents and description of the module, instructions for setting up the module, information about how to use the module, and details about the design and structure of the module. Depending on the module's functionality some of these files may not be required, and extra files can be created as needed. The module improvements will be along the lines of those I have already proposed for the party module:

Structuring the documentation like this will work well because the documentation is currently generated by Sphinx using reStructuredText files. As I make changes to the documentation they will be uploaded to the Tryton code review site, so they can be reviewed, and I can updated them as required. Once everyone is happy with them they can then, hopefully, be approved for inclusion in Tryton.