The Julia Language project

This page contains the details of a technical writing project accepted for Google Season of Docs.

Project summary

Open source organization:
The Julia Language
Technical writer:
Project name:
Reinventing the FluxML Website
Project length:
Standard length (3 months)

Project description

This proposal aims to improve Flux’s documentation website so that the information that it contains is structured and appealing for newcomers and experts. More specifically, the goal is to reorganize the existing documentation into new sections and create a new getting started tutorial for newcomers that extends the Flux 60-mine-blitz tutorial.

The project consists of the following phases:

  • Analyze the current documentation website: Audit the existing information and define a style guide (for the information) for creating new tutorials.

  • Define a new structure for the information and getting started tutorial: Work with the mentors to determine the new sections and reorganization of the documentation website. Also, define a table of contents for the getting started tutorial using the Flux 60-mine-blitz tutorial as a starting point and build upon it.

  • Restructure the information: Update the website with the plan defined in collaboration with the mentors in the previous step.

  • Create the getting started tutorial: Write the first draft and review it. Obtain feedback from the mentors. When the mentors and I determine that we have a final version of this document, I will then publish it to the documentation website.

  • (Optional) Convert the existing documentation in form of READMEs to HTML: If I have some time left after completing the four main phases, then I can convert the existing tutorials that are READMEs so what they can be easier to access from the website.

To achieve the goal of the project, I will be working very closely with the Flux community to understand the existing documentation and determine the best approach. I am myself a newcomer to Julia and I believe this will be very helpful in determining the right level of the information for the new getting started tutorial.

I will be focusing on making sure that my work helps the Flux community to onboard new uses. Also, I’ll focus on helping experienced users to discover new use cases and explore the finer details of Flux.