Open Source Geospatial Foundation project

This page contains the details of a technical writing project accepted for Google Season of Docs.

Project summary

Open source organization:
Open Source Geospatial Foundation
Technical writer:
Project name:
Review OSGeoLive Quickstarts
Project length:
Standard length (3 months)

Project description


  • Update documents to keep them current, accurate and relevant.
  • Create a template to ensure consistency across the docs, and for future new Quickstarts added.


  • New users of OSGeo live
  • Writers of new OSGeo Live Quickstarts


  • Wiki

Here's what I think needs to be done:

  1. Run through the 50 existing OSGeo Live Quickstarts
  2. Mark-up with edits. Send for review.
  3. Implement the review/feedback
  4. Create Quickstart template to implement consistency for future.
  5. Update the 'How to do a Quick Start procedure'.
  6. Add new apps to OSGeoLive - they need Quickstarts.

What I propose to do:

What you will have at the end of SoD:

  • 50 documentation tickets in trac, with marked up Quickstarts as per agreed Quickstart template
  • A snapshot of the current status of the OSGeo Live Quickstarts and how much work is required to update them.
  • An updated Quickstart template consistent with the Training Guide template.
  • An updated Quickstart documentation process.

Where I'll start:

  • Look at OSGeo-Live Packages spreadsheet to see which packages have changed between releases.
  • Ask the OSGEo Live mailing list if they have suggestions for specific Quickstarts to start with.

What I've already done:

  • Set up my VM and installed OSGeoLive
  • Forked the OSGeoLive-Doc repo
  • Gained access to trac and reviewed some existing doc tickets. Ticket #1382 looks relevant:
  • Participated in mailing list discussions
  • Had a few informal video chats