Arduino project

This page contains the details of a technical writing project accepted for Google Season of Docs.

Project summary

Open source organization:
Technical writer:
Project name:
Document third-party libraries
Project length:
Standard length (3 months)

Project description

I am an experienced technical writer. I have been writing high quality software documentation, user-guides, manuals, algorithm analysis, project documentation, research paper for more than three years. In this project, I will document all the third-party libraries. I aim to document the libraries that are Arduino-made and contributed so that all their potential is exposed towards developers. I will accomplish the following tasks:

Document the working of the library Document how to Improve the libraries to make them accommodate the required needs

For Example

Arduino’s NESController library really needs to be well-documented. Its features, compatibility, examples, applications should be added in its documentation for its contributors. Usage is already mentioned in the documentation which can be improved to a greater extent. Nbiot-arduino is an Arduino Library for accessing NBIoT modules. Its documentation can be improved by extending its Usage, Build & Test, Debug Options. Examples containing code snippets should also be included. Arduino’s most starred library ArduinoJson is well-documented as examples showing how to use the library in various stations, API Reference containing the description of each class and function, FAQ that answers to virtually every question and AduinoJson Assistant which writes programs for its users are included in the documentation. Similarly, in-depth documentation should be done for all the libraries whose documentation needs to be improved and extended. Being experienced in the field of Internet of Things (IoT), I have the basic knowledge about micro-controllers. I have proficiency in various programming languages including Python, Java, C, C++, HTML5, JavaScript, C#. I am highly interested and willing to contribute to Arduino through my technical writing skills and the knowledge about electronics, micro-controllers, programming. I am eager to learn more and enhance my skills and knowledge.

I will be using Markdown for styling of all my writing due to its easy-to-use syntax and extensive set of features.


This is one of the templates that can be used for the documentation. It can be modified and new sections can be added according to the requirements of the document.

$projectName/Library Name
In this section, I will give background information of the library, 
what does this library use, on what languages and framework it is based on, 
what are the dependencies of this library/project where it will be used

I will add features of the project here like
- this library creates connection between server and client
- Make things faster

In this section I will add the installation procedure and dependencies that 
needs to be installed.
Install $project by running:
install project

For the contributors, I will add this section in documentation.
- Issue Tracker:$project/$project/issues
- Source Code:$project/$project

This section can also be added
If you are having issues, please let us know.
We have a mailing list located at:

This section will tell about the license of the project.
This project is licensed under the BSD.

Time commitment and communication

I will give 45+ hours a week but in case of any mishap, I will compensate those hours on weekends.During the community bond period, I will discuss communication means and will finalize weekly meetings, means and time for those meetings with my mentor. I will keep my mentor up to date about my work; will share my work details via email to my mentor. I will prefer Team Viewer for communicating, as it is easy to use with lots of features like share screens etc.

Future Plans

My future plans are very clear, after GSoD’19. I will keep contributing to the organization in other projects too. I will try to make it perfect in all aspects from documentation perspective to security perspective. I will surely attend any meeting of the organization if I ever get a chance.

Terms & Conditions

I solemnly agree that I will work in the same way that I have explained above and in case of any miscarriage, I will be held accountable. I understand the dedication required for this project, I assure you that I am dedicating my whole season for this project so that I can provide the best work.

Thank you for reading the whole proposal. Please reach out to me if there are any further queries.