The Save-To-Wallet API is part of the vision for Google Wallet to be the one-stop-shop for holding everything you'd carry in a regular wallet. The Offers component of this API allows customers to save offers directly from a Merchant's web property into Google Wallet with the click of a button. Google Wallet reminds users to visit your store before the offer expires. Customers redeem offers by showing the offer code at the point of sale or by tapping their NFC enabled phone. The point of sale recognizes the offer code and applies the offer to the basket.


Merchant Benefits

  • Leverage Existing Offer Distribution - Provide a quick and easy way for your customers to save and redeem your offers.
  • Marketing Channel - Once an offer has been saved to Google Wallet, customers will be visually reminded to use the offer whenever they are browsing through Google Wallet. A thumbnail image of the offer will be displayed in the Google Wallet that visually reinforces the Merchant's brand.
  • Easy Integration - A Save to Google Wallet button can be added to an existing website by copying and pasting a JavaScript snippet provided upon offer registration.

Buyer Benefits

  • Easy to Save - A single place to store all your offers.
  • Easy to Redeem - No need to carry paper printouts. Organize your offers online and on your mobile phone.
  • Convenient Reminders - Notification to use offers before they expire.

Note: The Save-To-Wallet API is currently only for partner Merchants and requires authorization for use. If you are interested in becoming a partner please fill out the Merchant Interest Form.

Now that you have a high-level overview of the Save-To-Wallet API, take a look at our sample offers which demonstrate the API in action.

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