Test the Alerts integration

This is the last test phase before your alerts are launched to the public.

Our goal is to test your integration to identify any issues pre-launch. You will publish alerts to your Production CAP feed, and Google will subscribe to that feed; however, alerts will not be shown publicly during the testing period.

Incorporate Google feedback

At all points throughout the integration process, we may have additional feedback, questions, and requests for you about the content, format, or delivery of alerts. This is especially true during testing.

Provide historical data upon request

Google may request CAP data for historical events for testing.

To publish historical alerts into your production feed, use:

<sent>, <effective>, <onset>, and <expires> timestamps from the past

If your system can’t issue alerts for dates in the past, then use:

<sent>, <effective>, <onset>, and <expires> timestamps from the present day

Next step: Launch your Alerts to the public