Be inspired

Learn how developer groups around the world have successfully built their communities and engaged members to learn and share best practices with one another.

Offering free training to transform the local economy

December 2017

Listen to Bruce Lucas’ story about how he and his team train future developers and work with partner companies to employ them. This business model has enabled Olotu Square to offer free trainings to anyone interested and, thus, is helping to transform the local economy in River State.

Learning and improving with every meetup

November 2017

Jackie Han and his fellow organizers discuss how to create a meetup content strategy, find great speakers, and share community management knowledge among members. They are operating in a unique environment and have come up with clever ways to localize Google content in order to make it available to Chinese developers.

Empowering others to use their community management skills

October 2017

Jessica Dene Earley-Cha, a GDG San Francisco organizer, tells an empowering story on how she transitioned from working for a non-profit into the field of engineering. Her previous work experience in leading a mental health facility has helped her figure out how to support GDG community members in overcoming their individual challenges, and how to empower them to use their skills in community management.

Managing a large group and making networking meaningful

September 2017

GDG New Delhi has been an active chapter since 2011. Arpan Garg and Rohan Arora are both experienced organizers who offer their insights on managing a community of 1.3K members that covers a large geographical area. They also have a simple solution to make networking at events an engaging and meaningful experience for all participants.

How to deal with rapid growth of your community

August 2017

Sam Witteveen and Martin Andrews started TensorFlow and Deep Learning Singapore in February 2017, and the community has grown to 1.6K members in just 8 months. In this interview, they discussed the unique challenges of such rapid growth and how to make technical content interesting and fun.

What bamboo and developers have in common

July 2017

The GDG Coast Lebanon co-founder, Rayan Al Zahab, tells us that her favorite part of all events are the discussions after an event itself and how communities talking openly about diversity can help lead to a more accepting society. In this conversation with her, we also found out what developers and bamboo have in common.