Support options for Library API

To determine the best way to get help with the Google Photos Library API, review the below options.

Got a question or problem?

We use the popular programming Q&A website Stack Overflow to field technical questions. The site is not run by Google, but you can sign in using your Google account.

Stack Overflow contains questions on a variety of topics, you can use the tag google-photos to mark questions relevant to this API. To attract the attention of experts in related technologies, consider adding additional tags to your question.

Before posting a question on Stack Overflow, consider the following:

  • Search the google-photos Stack Overflow tag to see if someone has already answered your question.
  • Get acquainted with the guidelines and tips suggested by the site and its community to help ensure your question is answered.
  • Try to isolate the problem as much as possible and post only the relevant sections of code.

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Found a bug or missing feature?

If you have isolated the problem to be an issue with the Library API and not your app, or if you have come across a missing feature, tell us about it via our issue tracker.

Search the issue tracker to see if the bug or feature request has already been reported, if not, report it. You can draw attention to an existing issue or feature request by clicking Starstar. We prioritize bugs and feature requests that receive more stars. You can also add comments to existing issues, but you should only do this if you're adding context or information about the problem, or contributing extra use-cases for the feature request.


While reporting bugs, include the following information:

  • A description of the problem, and the behavior you expected instead.
  • A list of steps and a small snippet of sample code that can be used to reproduce the problem.
  • A description of the output you expected and what actually occurred.
  • Error messages if any, that you have received.
  • Information about your development environment, including programming language, library versions, etc.
  • Any other information that the bug report template may require.

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Be aware that issues may be relatively quiet for a while. This doesn't mean the issue won't be fixed, it just means that there currently aren't any updates.

Feature requests

While requesting a new feature or suggesting modifications to an existing feature, describe the specific functionality you would like to see added, as well as reasons you think it's important. If possible, include specific details about your use case and the new opportunities the feature would allow for.

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