Payments Reseller Subscription API

The Payments Reseller Subscription API enables a wholesale business-to-business platform for Google subscription products (such as Stadia, Nest, Google One), where third parties could resell these products to their customers. This API is used to activate and manage the Google subscriptions.


The Service name is needed to create RPC client stubs.

CancelSubscription Used by partners to cancel a subscription service either immediately or by the end of the current billing cycle for their customers.
CreateSubscription Used by partners to create a subscription for their customers.
EntitleSubscription Used by partners to entitle a previously provisioned subscription to the current end user.
ExtendSubscription Used by partners to extend a subscription service for their customers on an ongoing basis for the subscription to remain active and renewable.
GetSubscription Used by partners to get a subscription by id.
ListProducts Used by partners to list products that can be resold to their customers.
ListPromotions Used by partners to list promotions, such as free trial, that can be applied on subscriptions.
ProvisionSubscription Used by partners to provision a subscription for their customers.
UndoCancelSubscription Used by partners to revoke the pending cancellation of a subscription, which is currently in STATE_CANCEL_AT_END_OF_CYCLE state.