Support overview

Our team receives a variety of questions from issuers. Sometimes those questions are in scope for our team and sometimes they should be directed to another team. The goal of this page is to help you understand where to route any questions you may have so you can quickly find the answer.

This page explains how to route the following types of questions:

Integration support

While adding support for Google Pay, it is sometimes difficult to know whether you should direct any questions to your TSP or to Google. As a general rule of thumb, you should seek support from the entity you are most directly integrating with. For example, if you are having an issue with something like token metadata or token lifecycle management, your integration is with the TSP and you should direct those questions to them. Conversely, if you have a question or issue with a Google API, you should check if your issue is covered in our troubleshooting guide and direct any remaining question to Google through our support forms.

If your TSP is unable to answer any questions or concerns issuers have about the TSP integration, they should escalate the issue to their global team. Each TSP's global team has escalation channels to reach the appropriate person on the Google Pay team if they need assistance from Google. If your TSP contacts are unable to follow that process, contact us through the form in the General questions section with a full description of your issue and the names of your TSP contacts so we can help you get back on track.

Topics covered by the device tokenization team

  • NDA issuance
  • Click-to-accept issuer (CTA) agreement
  • Device tokenization issues escalated through TSP global teams
  • Launch process support for Google Pay APIs (refer to Google Pay API issues)
  • Questions specifically related to Google Pay APIs (refer to Google Pay API issues)
  • Branding questions specific to Google Pay APIs (refer to Google Pay API issues)

Topics to refer to other teams

  • BIN range modifications. Refer to our BIN configuration section for instructions on how to contact our BIN Services team.
  • General marketing and branding questions. Instead, refer to the Partner Marketing Hub.
  • End user support, including support for bank employee personal devices or account issues. Instead, refer to the End user support section.
  • Support for other Google products like general Android development or Google Play store. Instead, refer to that product's own support guidance.
  • Questions about OPCs in the push provisioning API. Instead, review our troubleshooting guidance and refer those questions to your TSP.

Topics out of scope for our team

  • Filling out lists of questions related to your implementation plan. Instead, refer to the documentation on this site, our consumer support site, and your TSPs onboarding materials.
  • Debugging an issuer's implementation source code.
  • Pulling log traffic for issuers during implementation.
  • Conference calls to walk through our documentation or troubleshoot issues.

End user support

Coordinating customer support topics between Google and card issuing banks is a key part of providing an excellent Google Pay experience for your cardholders. Google handles all consumer support questions related specifically to the Google Wallet app and expects you to handle questions about card accounts, provisioning decisions (e.g. declines), ID&V, and transactions.

Topics Google refers to card issuing banks

Inquiries received by Google related to the following topics are referred to the card issuing bank:

  • Troubleshooting card addition issues for users who must take additional steps to add a card - the additional verification required (yellow) and activation declined (red) ID&V paths
  • Card revocation
  • Transaction inquiries - differences in authorized/settlement amounts, declines, returns, refunds, disputed, and unauthorized charges

Topics card issuing banks should refer to Google

Inquiries related to the topics outlined in the following table should be referred to Google consumer support.

Google Pay education Other Google education
Set up and sign in Google Pay risk engine
Card addition/removal Device settings and use
Settings and general use Loyalty, offers, transit, passes, and gift cards
Troubleshooting (e.g. app crashing) Google limits and restrictions

Topics that should not be referred to Google

The following topics should be handled by the issuing bank:

  • Questions about provisioning declines by the bank
  • Questions about merchants
  • Questions from merchants about their point-of-sale terminals
  • Refunds

These inquiries should be referred directly to the source (e.g. the merchant).

Production issues


In the event of a major outage, card issuing banks should work primarily with their TSP. If the TSP determines that the issue is between the TSP and Google, the TSP can then escalate the issue to Google for resolution. Do not use the "General questions" support form to notify Google about production outages since those submissions are not routed to our on-call teams.

Google engineering monitors and addresses major issues with TSPs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If an issue is detected, Google works with the TSPs, who, in turn, work with you.

Product issues

If you have an issue with your Google Pay implementation, we recommend that you:

  1. Temporarily disable the affected functionality
  2. Work with your TSP to resolve your issue.

We are in regular communication with TSPs. If there is a bug in Google Pay, it would likely impact a large number of partners rather than just one issuer. If your TSP discovers an issue with Google Pay that requires our attention, your TSP will raise it with us.