This payment request's amount exceeds per-transaction limit. If this code is used populate the transactionLimit field for user messaging purposes.

JSON representation
  "rawResult": {
    object (RawResult)

  // Union field limit can be only one of the following:
  "transactionLimit": {
    object (Amount)
  // End of list of possible types for union field limit.

object (RawResult)

OPTIONAL: Raw result of this event. Used to help inform Google's risk engine and analytics. In decline code–mapping situations, data is sometimes lost. The integrator can choose to give Google a raw code. For example, a credit card gateway (the integrator) may use this field to communicate to Google the exact decline code that was received from the VISA network. In that case, the scope would be "visa" and the rawCode would be whatever the VISA network returned.

Union field limit. REQUIRED: The per-transaction limit which was exceeded by this transaction. limit can be only one of the following:

object (Amount)

REQUIRED: This is the maximum amount the user could spend on a transaction.

The currencyCode of transactionLimit must match the currencyCode of the request.