Release notes

This page lists the major changes in each release of Google Pay API. The release notes are ordered and identified by date, and they include descriptions of the changes.



  • Added Kassa to the list of participating processors.
  • Added instructions to update the Merchant ID value when moving to PRODUCTION to Deploy production environment.
  • Added payment flow figures to explain the relationship between Merchants, Google, and Payment Processors to Overview.
  • Added more information about the isReadytoPay client reference to Reference.



  • Added 2C2P, Windcave, dLocal, and Paymentwall to the list of participating processors.
  • Added GATEWAY parameter values to Tutorial.
  • Added the allowedCreditCardsk property to the Card Parameters Request Object that allows merchants to filter out credit card transactions to Reference.
  • Added instructions to gain production access via registering with Business Console to Request Production Access.
  • Added instructions to contact support for onboarding and technical questions via Business Console to How to get help and Troubleshooting.




  • Added Billing Systems, Spreedly, theMAP, and APPEX to the list of participating processors.
  • Added more information for the merchantOrigin property in the MerchantInfo request object to Reference.
  • Added a Basic Example, Authorize Payments Example, and Dynamic Price Update Example to Live Google Pay Demos.
  • Added DIRECT integration requirements to Overview.



  • Added instructions to enable Brazil debit and credit combo card support in the allowedCardNetworks property for the CardParameters request object to Reference.




  • Added Cathay United Bank, Chase Merchant Services (formerly Chase Paymentech), LogPay, Nuvei, Payler, Paymetric, and RBS to the list of participating processors.




  • Added Computop, MyCheck, Sipay,, and Wirecard to the list of participating processors.
  • Added PayPal as a supported payment method in the type property for the PaymentMethod request object to Reference.



  • Added more information about encryption and sample payloads returned with a DIRECT integration to Test with sample tokens.
  • Added Gestpay, iPay88, Multicarta, Square, and WayForPay to the list of participating processors.
  • Added frequently asked product and troubleshooting questions and answers to FAQ.


  • Added Assist, GMO Payment Gateway, and Moneris to the list of participating processors.
  • Added localized content in the following languages:

    • Russian
    • Portuguese (Brazilian)
    • Japanese
    • Polish
    • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Added examples for participating processors to the gateway and gatewayMerchantId properties for the TokenizationSpecification request object to Reference.


  • Added Arabic to the "Buy with Google Pay" resource to Brand guidelines.
  • Added information about ECv2, an updated cryptography protocol that allows merchants to store a static, long living, Google signing key that only needs to be updated every 10 years, for DIRECT integrations to Payment data cryptography.
  • Added information about ECv2 payload support for the Tink Library version 1.1.0 to Tink release notes.