Deploy production environment

This section describes how to set up your website for the Google Pay API's PRODUCTION environment and receive chargeable payment methods.

  1. Create a Google Pay Developer Profile.
  2. Obtain your merchant ID.
  3. Register your fully qualified domains.
  4. Set up your website for production.
  5. Prepare for final review.
  6. Launch your web integration.

Create a Google Pay Developer Profile

After our review, we send you instructions to create a Google Pay Developer Profile. Provide information about your business, a developer contact, and accept the Google Pay Terms of Service.

Obtain your merchant ID

To obtain your Google merchant ID, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to your Google Pay Developer Profile and find your Google merchant ID under the Merchant ID section.
  2. Add a merchantId property to your PaymentDataRequest object as a string.
  3. Remove any leading or trailing whitespace from your merchantId.

Register your fully qualified domains

Domains that are verified and secured can be whitelisted to receive payment data from the Google Pay API. To check if your domain is verified and secured, open each submitted domain in a browser to confirm availability of HTTPS with domain validation. In Chrome, a secure mark is displayed.

Once validated, navigate to your Google Pay Developer Profile to register all qualified domains that request payment data, such as loadPaymentData in the Enable websites section.

Set up your website for production

The following example shows how to initialize paymentsClient with an environment property of PRODUCTION:

const paymentsClient = new
google.payments.api.PaymentsClient({environment: 'PRODUCTION'});

Prepare for final review

To expedite tests, take the following actions:

  • Provide a URL that points to your staging server.
  • Toggle the availability of Google Pay behind a feature flag.
  • Provide Google-specific sign ins with Google Pay enabled so that Google can validate your integration. Once your website is validated, you receive a launch clearance from Google.

Launch your web integration

After you've received launch approval, you can launch Google Pay functionality on your website and begin to accept chargeable payment methods from your customers.