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Brand guidelines

To comply with branding requirements and offer an optimal experience for your users, use the following guidelines when you implement the Google Pay API.

Guideline Description
Display the Google Pay purchase button prominently in your app or site

Wherever the checkout button is displayed, enable the Google Pay purchase button prominently so users can check out quickly.

If you have a payments section in your app or site, list Google Pay as an accepted payment method. You only need to request credentials when the user is ready to purchase.

Best practice: Make sure to display the estimated order amount before or when you display a checkout button. Users prefer to know the approximate total of the order before deciding to buy.

Display all relevant purchase information before the user confirms an order

This includes the order total, the user's shipping address, their email, and their payment method.

Best practice: Ensure that users are able to edit their payment method and shipping address. This does not have to be on the confirmation screen, but could be on a "select payment method" screen or "select shipping address" screen.

If you display payment information on confirmation screens or emails, you can display the payment card description returned by the Google Pay API Never display full account numbers, expiration dates, or any other payment method details.
Use only the official button styles and logo assets in your app or site

Use the following guidelines to ensure official button styles

  • Do not create custom purchase buttons or other brand assets, instead use the official assets.
  • The Google Pay purchase button includes the Google brand mark, button label, and button container. Clicking the button should directly bring up the payment sheet so users can confirm their payment and shipping selections. We recommend using the default Google Pay purchase button below for optimal conversion:

  • Google Pay Google Pay
  • Button width: Ensure the button is equal in width to buttons of similar function in your app or site.
  • Button height: The button defaults to a minimum height of 40px for an optimal tap target on mobile devices. If you increase the height of the button, ensure that the text is vertically centered, and only do so to match other adjacent buttons for visual consistency.
  • Badges and brand marks: Acceptance badges or brand marks are used when you need to display a list of payment methods or accepted methods in a brand strip. In a selection list of payment methods, use the brand mark next to the recommended label: “Google Pay”.

    Example payment screen including Google Pay as one of multiple supported payment methods

Brand assets

Use the following brand assets as they apply to your implementation:

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