C++ Reference: pdlp_proto_solver

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Uses pdlp::PrimalDualHybridGradient to solve the problem specified by the MPModelRequest. Users of this interface should be aware of the size limitations of MPModelProto (see, e.g., large_linear_program.proto).

The optional interrupt_solve can be used to interrupt the solve early. The solver will periodically check its value and stop if it holds true.

If relax_integer_variables is true, integrality constraints are relaxed before solving. If false, integrality constraints result in an error. The solver_specific_info field in the MPSolutionResponse contains a serialized SolveLog.

Returns an error if the conversion from MPModelProto to pdlp::QuadraticProgram fails. The lack of an error does not imply success. Check the SolveLog's termination_reason for more refined status details.
Function Type Arguments Comments

Return type: absl::StatusOr<MPSolutionResponse>

Arguments: const MPModelRequest& request, bool relax_integer_variables = false, const std::atomic<bool>* interrupt_solve = nullptr