C++ Reference: routing_index_manager

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Manager for any NodeIndex <-> variable index conversion. The routing solver uses variable indices internally and through its API. These variable indices are tricky to manage directly because one Node can correspond to a multitude of variables, depending on the number of times they appear in the model, and if they're used as start and/or end points. This class aims to simplify variable index usage, allowing users to use NodeIndex instead.

Usage: \code{.cpp} auto starts_ends = ...; /// These are NodeIndex. RoutingIndexManager manager(10, 4, starts_ends); // 10 nodes, 4 vehicles. RoutingModel model(manager); \endcode

Then, use 'manager.NodeToIndex(node)' whenever model requires a variable index.

Note: the mapping between node indices and variables indices is subject to change so no assumption should be made on it. The only guarantee is that indices range between 0 and n-1, where n = number of vehicles * 2 (for start and end nodes) + number of non-start or end nodes.