Organization Profile Help

We use your organization logo across the GSoC site to identify your organization. The upload widget allows you to preview how your image will look in common situations.

Your logo should have your project name incorporated in a large font. Small letters will be unreadable.

You can see example logo usage below.

Technical Requirements

  • 24bit PNG.
  • 256 pixel minimum height.
  • Any aspect ratio, but something close to 2:5 may look best.
  • Transparency is ok.


In order to satisfy different use cases, we're asking you to provide three different descriptions for your organization. They overlap, and you can reuse portions.

The Tag Line will be displayed on the organization list page underneath your logo. It should contain a very short description of your organization. You want it to catch someone's eye as they are skimming organizations.

The Short Description is displayed when someone clicks on a tag line. It is displayed on the organization list in an expanded bubble. You have more space here to put more details about your organization and its goals and technologies. It may contain limited markdown for formatting.

The Long Description is displayed on your organization page, and can be as detailed as the chacter limit allows. Use this space to sell your organization and convince potential participants that you are the right organization for them to apply to. It may contain limited markdown for formatting.

See below for example description usage. (Note: Example text is just to fill the space and not representative of what you should write.)


Organization List Page

Organization Profile Page