Open Health Stack provides building blocks for creating next-gen healthcare apps. These open source components save time and make it easier to adopt modern healthcare standards (HL7® FHIR®), leading to secure, offline-capable, data-driven solutions for healthcare workers in low-resource settings.

Currently in beta.

Open Health Stack was recently recognized as a Digital Public Good by the Digital Public Goods Alliance. The goal of the DPGA is to promote digital public goods to create a more equitable world. We're excited to be recognized alongside other open source projects that advance the Sustainable Development Goals.
The Android FHIR SDK, a component of Open Health Stack, has been officially approved as a Digital Square Global Good for Health. We're thrilled to join this family of software digital goods that are impactful, scalable, and adaptable to different countries and contexts.

Build next-gen digital health solutions

Access libraries designed to help you build FHIR-native Android apps that are secure, offline-capable, and provide on-device decision support enabling patient centered care delivery.
Build privacy-preserving apps with the FHIR Info Gateway, ensuring safety by only allowing access to patient data for relevant healthcare workers.
Transform data to make it easier to generate trusted insights faster, enabling more effective decision making across healthcare programs.

Unpack your new toolbox

Get going quickly with developer documentation, tutorials, codelabs, and example applications.
Take a look at our Design Guidelines to help improve the user experience of your healthcare apps.
Get a better understanding of Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) and learn about the benefits for digital health.

The Latest on OHS News

Our principles empower developers to design, build, and deploy more effective digital health tools

Access to tools and resources that accelerate adoption of open standards (HL7 FHIR) is key to driving organic and sustainable innovation for digital health.
Together we can enable more patient-focused, evidence-based care by empowering healthcare workers and health systems.
By collaborating closely with our partners to track initiatives and impact, we get closer to our goal of improving health outcomes globally.

Learn more about our work with the WHO

Katherine Chou, Senior Director of Google's Research and Innovation team, shares more about Google's collaboration with the WHO, and how Open Health Stack components can help developers drive better health outcomes.

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