Migrating to Maps SDK for iOS, version 2

With the version 2 release of the Maps SDK for iOS, the Premium Plan now uses the same SDK as the Standard Plan. All Premium Plan features will continue to function as usual.

Take the following steps to update your existing apps:

  • Rename GoogleMapsM4B to GoogleMaps in all header-specific imports. Imports of import GoogleMapsM4B or #import <GoogleMapsM4B/GoogleMaps.h> will continue to work as usual.

If you previously installed the SDK using Podfiles:

  • Update your Podfile to reference the GoogleMaps/M4B CocoaPod instead of the Google-Maps-iOS-SDK-for-Business CocoaPod.
  • If you have pinned a dependency on Google-Maps-iOS-SDK-for-Business to a version earlier than 2, remove this restriction from your Podfile.

If you previously installed the SDK manually:

  • Remove the old GoogleMapsM4B.framework and GoogleMaps.bundle from your project, then follow the manual SDK installation instructions (without CocoaPods). For details, see Get Started with Premium Plan on iOS.

If you are using the Places API, see Migrating to Places SDK for iOS, version 2 for migration instructions.