Place Data Fields

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Place data fields define the types of Place data to return when requesting Place Details. This page lists all place data fields, and explains how they are supported for each API/SDK (support for place fields varies by platform and/or feature).

For more information about how Place Details requests are billed, see Usage and Billing.

The following table lists all supported place data field values by pricing tier, and platform.

Basic Data

Field Places API Places Library, Maps JavaScript API Places SDK for Android Places SDK for iOS
Address Components address_components address_components Place.Field.ADDRESS_COMPONENTS GMSPlaceFieldAddressComponents
Address adr_address adr_address --- ---
Business Status business_status business_status Place.Field.BUSINESS_STATUS GMSPlaceFieldBusinessStatus
Formatted Address formatted_address formatted_address Place.Field.ADDRESS GMSPlaceFieldFormattedAddress
Viewport geometry/viewport geometry.viewport Place.Field.VIEWPORT GMSPlaceFieldViewport
Location geometry/location geometry.location Place.Field.LAT_LNG GMSPlaceFieldCoordinate
Icon icon icon --- ---
Icon Mask Base URI icon_mask_base_uri icon_mask_base_uri Place.Field.ICON_URL GMSPlaceFieldIconImageURL
Icon Background Color icon_background_color icon_background_color Place.Field.ICON_BACKGROUND_COLOR GMSPlaceFieldIconBackgroundColor
Name name name Place.Field.NAME GMSPlaceFieldName
Permanently Closed (deprecated) permanently_closed permanently_closed --- ---
Photo photos photos Place.Field.PHOTO_METADATAS GMSPlaceFieldPhotos
Place ID place_id place_id Place.Field.ID GMSPlaceFieldPlaceID
Plus Code plus_code plus_code Place.Field.PLUS_CODE GMSPlaceFieldPlusCode
Type type type Place.Field.TYPES GMSPlaceFieldTypes
URL url url --- ---
UTC Offset utc_offset utc_offset_minutes Place.Field.UTC_OFFSET GMSPlaceFieldUTCOffsetMinutes
Vicinity vicinity vicinity --- ---
Wheelchair Accessible Entrance wheelchair_accessible_entrance --- Place.Field.WHEELCHAIR_ACCESSIBLE_ENTRANCE GMSPlaceFieldWheelchairAccessibleEntrance

Contact Data Fields

Field Places API Places Library, Maps JavaScript API Places SDK for Android Places SDK for iOS
Phone Number formatted_phone_number formatted_phone_number --- ---
International Phone Number international_phone_number international_phone_number Place.Field.PHONE_NUMBER GMSPlaceFieldPhoneNumber
Opening Hours opening_hours opening_hours Place.Field.OPENING_HOURS GMSPlaceFieldOpeningHours
Current Opening Hours current_opening_hours --- Place.Field.CURRENT_OPENING_HOURS GMSPlaceFieldCurrentOpeningHours
Secondary Opening Hours secondary_opening_hours --- Place.Field.SECONDARY_OPENING_HOURS GMSPlaceFieldSecondaryOpeningHours
Website website website Place.Field.WEBSITE_URI GMSPlaceFieldWebsite

Atmosphere Data Fields

Field Places API Places Library, Maps JavaScript API Places SDK for Android Places SDK for iOS
Curbside Pickup curbside_pickup --- Place.Field.CURBSIDE_PICKUP GMSPlaceFieldCurbsidePickup
Delivery delivery --- Place.Field.DELIVERY GMSPlaceFieldDelivery
Dine-in dine_in --- Place.Field.DINE_IN GMSPlaceFieldDineIn
Editorial Summary editorial_summary --- Place.Field.EDITORIAL_SUMMARY GMSPlaceFieldEditorialSummary
Price Level price_level price_level Place.Field.PRICE_LEVEL GMSPlaceFieldPriceLevel
Rating rating rating Place.Field.RATING GMSPlaceFieldRating
Reservable reservable --- Place.Field.RESERVABLE GMSPlaceFieldReservable
Reviews reviews reviews Place.Field.REVIEWS ---
Serves Beer serves_beer --- Place.Field.SERVES_BEER GMSPlaceFieldServesBeer
Serves Breakfast serves_breakfast --- Place.Field.SERVES_BREAKFAST GMSPlaceFieldServesBreakfast
Serves Brunch serves_brunch --- Place.Field.SERVES_BRUNCH GMSPlaceFieldServesBrunch
Serves Dinner serves_dinner --- Place.Field.SERVES_DINNER GMSPlaceFieldServesDinner
Serves Lunch serves_lunch --- Place.Field.SERVES_LUNCH GMSPlaceFieldServesLunch
Serves Vegetarian Food serves_vegetarian_food --- Place.Field.SERVES_VEGETARIAN_FOOD GMSPlaceFieldServesVegetarianFood
Serves Wine serves_wine --- Place.Field.SERVES_WINE GMSPlaceFieldServesWine
Takeout takeout --- Place.Field.TAKEOUT GMSPlaceFieldTakeout
User Ratings Total user_ratings_total user_ratings_total Place.Field.USER_RATINGS_TOTAL GMSPlaceFieldUserRatingsTotal

Places API fields support

Find Place, Nearby Search, and Text Search requests all return a subset of the fields that are returned by Place Details requests. These methods do NOT return the following fields:

  • address_component
  • adr_address
  • curbside_pickup
  • current_opening_hours
  • delivery
  • dine_in
  • editorial_summary
  • formatted_phone_number
  • international_phone_number
  • opening_hours.periods
  • opening_hours.special_days
  • opening_hours.type
  • opening_hours.weekday_text
  • reservable
  • secondary_opening_hours
  • reviews
  • serves_beer
  • serves_breakfast
  • serves_brunch
  • serves_dinner
  • serves_lunch
  • serves_vegetarian_food
  • serves_wine
  • takeout
  • type
  • url
  • user_ratings_total
  • utc_offset_minutes
  • vicinity
  • website
  • wheelchair_accessible_entrance

To return one or more of these data fields for a place, make a Place Details request, pass a place ID, and specify which fields to return.