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Activate the Google Maps SDK for iOS

To get you started we'll guide you through the Google Developers Console to do a few things first:

  1. Create or choose a project
  2. Activate the Google Maps SDK for iOS
  3. Create appropriate keys

Class List

Class List
The classes and protocols in the Google Maps SDK for iOS:
GMSAddressA result from a reverse geocode request, containing a human-readable address
GMSAddressComponentRepresents a component of an address, e.g., street number, postcode, city, etc
GMSAutocompleteFetcherGMSAutocompleteFetcher is a wrapper around the lower-level autocomplete APIs that encapsulates some of the complexity of requesting autocomplete predictions as the user is typing
<GMSAutocompleteFetcherDelegate>Protocol for objects that can receive callbacks from GMSAutocompleteFetcher
GMSAutocompleteFilterThis class represents a set of restrictions that may be applied to autocomplete requests
GMSAutocompleteMatchFragmentThis class represents a matched fragment of a string
GMSAutocompletePredictionThis class represents a prediction of a full query based on a partially typed string
GMSAutocompleteResultsViewControllerGMSAutocompleteResultsViewController provides an interface that displays place autocomplete predictions in a table view
<GMSAutocompleteResultsViewControllerDelegate>Protocol used by GMSAutocompleteResultsViewController, to communicate the user's interaction with the controller to the application
GMSAutocompleteTableDataSourceGMSAutocompleteTableDataSource provides an interface for providing place autocomplete predictions to populate a UITableView by implementing the UITableViewDataSource and UITableViewDelegate protocols
<GMSAutocompleteTableDataSourceDelegate>Protocol used by GMSAutocompleteTableDataSource, to communicate the user's interaction with the data source to the application
GMSAutocompleteViewControllerGMSAutocompleteViewController provides an interface that displays a table of autocomplete predictions that updates as the user enters text
<GMSAutocompleteViewControllerDelegate>Protocol used by GMSAutocompleteViewController, to communicate the user's interaction with the controller to the application
GMSCALayerGMSCALayer is a superclass used by layers in the Google Maps SDK for iOS, such as GMSMapLayer and GMSPanoramaLayer
GMSCameraPositionAn immutable class that aggregates all camera position parameters
GMSCameraUpdateGMSCameraUpdate represents an update that may be applied to a GMSMapView
GMSCircleA circle on the Earth's surface (spherical cap)
GMSCoordinateBoundsGMSCoordinateBounds represents a rectangular bounding box on the Earth's surface
GMSGeocoderExposes a service for reverse geocoding
GMSGroundOverlayGMSGroundOverlay specifies the available options for a ground overlay that exists on the Earth's surface
GMSIndoorBuildingDescribes a building which contains levels
GMSIndoorDisplayProvides ability to observe or control the display of indoor level data
<GMSIndoorDisplayDelegate>Delegate for events on GMSIndoorDisplay
GMSIndoorLevelDescribes a single level in a building
GMSMapLayerGMSMapLayer is a custom subclass of CALayer, provided as the layer class on GMSMapView
GMSMapPointA point on the map
GMSMapViewThis is the main class of the Google Maps SDK for iOS and is the entry point for all methods related to the map
<GMSMapViewDelegate>Delegate for events on GMSMapView
GMSMarkerA marker is an icon placed at a particular point on the map's surface
GMSMarkerLayerGMSMarkerLayer is a custom subclass of CALayer, available on a per-marker basis, that allows animation of several properties of its associated GMSMarker
GMSMutableCameraPositionMutable version of GMSCameraPosition
GMSMutablePathGMSMutablePath is a dynamic (resizable) array of CLLocationCoordinate2D
GMSOrientationGMSOrientation is a tuple of heading and pitch used to control the viewing direction of a GMSPanoramaCamera
GMSOverlayGMSOverlay is an abstract class that represents some overlay that may be attached to a specific GMSMapView
GMSPanoramaGMSPanorama represents metadata for a specific panorama on the Earth
GMSPanoramaCameraGMSPanoramaCamera is used to control the viewing direction of a GMSPanoramaView
GMSPanoramaLayerGMSPanoramaLayer is a custom subclass of CALayer, provided as the layer class on GMSPanoramaView
GMSPanoramaLinkLinks from a GMSPanorama to neighboring panoramas
GMSPanoramaServiceGMSPanoramaService can be used to request panorama metadata even when a GMSPanoramaView is not active
GMSPanoramaViewA panorama is used to display Street View imagery
<GMSPanoramaViewDelegate>Delegate for events on GMSPanoramaView
GMSPathGMSPath encapsulates an immutable array of CLLocationCooordinate2D
GMSPlaceRepresents a particular physical place
GMSPlaceLikelihoodRepresents a GMSPlace and the relative likelihood of the place being the best match within the list of returned places for a single request
GMSPlaceLikelihoodListRepresents a list of places with an associated likelihood for the place being the correct place
GMSPlacePhotoMetadataThe metadata corresponding to a single photo associated with a place
GMSPlacePhotoMetadataListA list of GMSPlacePhotoMetadata objects
GMSPlacePickerThe Place Picker is a dialog that allows the user to pick a GMSPlace using an interactive map and other tools
GMSPlacePickerConfigConfiguration object used to change the behaviour of the place picker
GMSPlacesClientMain interface to the Places API
GMSPolygonGMSPolygon defines a polygon that appears on the map
GMSPolylineGMSPolyline specifies the available options for a polyline that exists on the Earth's surface
GMSProjectionDefines a mapping between Earth coordinates (CLLocationCoordinate2D) and coordinates in the map's view (CGPoint)
GMSReverseGeocodeResponseA collection of results from a reverse geocode request
GMSServicesService class for the Google Maps SDK for iOS
GMSStrokeStyleDescribes the drawing style for one-dimensional entities such as polylines
GMSStyleSpanDescribes the style for some region of a polyline
GMSSyncTileLayerGMSSyncTileLayer is an abstract subclass of GMSTileLayer that provides a sync interface to generate image tile data
GMSTileLayerGMSTileLayer is an abstract class that allows overlaying of custom image tiles on a specified GMSMapView
<GMSTileReceiver>GMSTileReceiver is provided to GMSTileLayer when a tile request is made, allowing the callback to be later (or immediately) invoked
GMSUISettingsSettings for the user interface of a GMSMapView
GMSURLTileLayerGMSURLTileProvider fetches tiles based on the URLs returned from a GMSTileURLConstructor
GMSUserAddedPlaceRepresents a place constructed by a user, suitable for adding to Google's collection of places
GMSVisibleRegionGMSVisibleRegion contains the four points defining the polygon that is visible in a map's camera

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