Directions API Release Notes

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This page is updated with each new release of the Directions API. The changelog lists releases by date and includes any new features, bug fixes and significant performance improvements.

Consult the developer's guide for information on how to use the Directions API.

November 10, 2015

Features and improvements

  • The API now returns predicted travel times with traffic for times in the future, based on historical averages. Previously, the API only returned travel times in traffic for times very close to now. To receive predicted travel times with traffic, specify a departure time of "now" or some time in the future, with a travel mode of driving. You can also specify a traffic model of optimistic, pessimistic, or best guess (default), to influence the assumptions used when calculating the travel time. For details, see the developer's guide.
  • Standard Plan customers now have access to all the Directions API features that were previously available only to Google Maps Platform Premium Plan customers: optimal routes and travel times in traffic, and an increased number of waypoints - up to 23, increased from the previous limit of 8 way points.

About these release notes

This document describes releases from November 2015 onwards. The Directions API existed before that date and had a number of releases, but they're not included in these notes.