Build the next generation of location experiences

We have the world mapped. With more than one billion global monthly active users in over 200 countries, our data gives you accurate real-time information for mapping, navigation and places.

Google Scale

Build on the same infrastructure that Google Maps is built on for maximum app performance.

Global Coverage

Provide your users with the reliable location information they need throughout the world.

Real-time Data

Build better user experiences with data based on real-time mapping and traffic signals.


Connecting drivers and riders

Lyft uses Google Maps APIs to improve rider experience through more efficient pickups and a better drop-off experience. Plus, with the most up-to-date location data and global coverage, riders are able to book a ride faster and easier.

APIs used
Google Maps Android API
Google Maps Geocoding API
Google Places API for Android

Estimating insurance costs

Allstate uses Google Maps APIs to help customers estimate insurance costs by visualizing their homes with location specific information about common and costly claims. Customers who use the app are 350% more likely to get a quote.

APIs used
Google Maps Geolocation API
Google Places API
Google Static Maps API
Google Street View Image API

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