Test the booking server

All partners must test their booking server before it's deployed to the Sandbox and Production Environments. To help with this, a testing tool is provided that runs through a series of method checks to ensure the booking server works properly.

Once all internal tests pass, the booking server can be configured on the Partner Portal. Add the booking server url, username, and password to both the sandbox and production environments when ready. Further instructions on booking server configuration can be found in the Partner Portal documentation.

Booking server v3 testing tool

All partners that use the v3 REST API of the booking server specification need to test their booking server with the Maps Booking v3 Test Client.

The booking server test client shows the following if all tests pass.

HealthCheck Succeeded.
CheckAvailability Errors: 0 out of 10. CreateBooking Errors: 0 out of 10.
ListBookings Succeeded. GetBookingStatus Errors: 0 out of 10. Rescheduling
Succeeded. All Tests Pass!

Google test cases

In addition to the testing tool, Google tests the following use cases to ensure the functionality of your booking server implementation. Google also tests and monitors latency. All of these tests must pass prior to end-to-end testing.


  • Secures endpoint by SSL.
  • Implements and succeeds on health check.

Booking creation

  • A booking can be created from a requested slot.
  • If booking creation fails, a business logic error shows up in the response.
  • If a CreateBooking attempt succeeds, the same response is returned when the same CreateBookingRequest, including idempotency_token, is received again.
  • If a CreateBooking attempt fails, the server retries when the same CreateBookingRequest is received again.
  • Bookings show up in the merchant's interface.
  • Classes can be filled to the expected maximum number of spots.

Booking mutation

  • Existing bookings can be canceled.
  • Existing bookings can be rescheduled to a different slot of the same service.
  • Attempts to reschedule to an unavailable slot fail.

Booking information retrieval

  • Booking status and prepayment status can be read for created, updated, or canceled bookings.
  • A collection of bookings can be listed for a user.