Q. How can I create an issue?

Click on CREATE ISSUE in the left sidebar. Learn more

Q. How can I see issues assigned to me?

Click on Assigned to me in the left sidebar. Learn more

Q. How can I edit the data in an issue?

The fields you can edit in an issue will depend on your level of access.

  • Full edit access: You'll see edit options when you hover over fields in the right sidebar. Learn more
  • Comment only access: No edit options appear on hover.
  • View only access: No edit options appear on hover, no comment box appears.

Q. Who can see the data I provide?

Access is granted to the team that works on the product for the associated issue. Learn more

Q. I’ve submitted information that needs to be removed, what should I do?

The Issue Tracker User Content and Conduct Policy details the types of information that are inappropriate for submitting to Issue Tracker which includes things like sensitive personal information and spam. Please do not submit inappropriate content in Issue Tracker. If you have inadvertently submitted inappropriate content, please request removal by filing a support ticket.

Q. How long does the data submitted remain with Google?

Google uses data submitted through Issue Tracker to aid in the developing of Google products. This data will exist for the life of the product as part of the historical development record. If the product is retired, the data may be archived and become inaccessible to users, but will remain in the system.

Partner Issue Tracking

Q. I’ve been locked out of my partner domain account, what should I do?

Please reach out to your contact at Google for help in resetting your password or generating a new backup code. Learn more

Q. How can I onboard additional users from my company?

Please reach out to your contact at Google for help in onboarding additional users.

Migration from the Google Code issue tracker

Q. Why is Google moving to a new issue tracking system?

The Google Code issue tracker was turned down in 2016, requiring migration to an alternate issue tracking solution.

Q. What will happen to the URLs of issues created in the Google Code tracker?

Issue URLs will be redirected to the corresponding URL in Google Issue Tracker.