IMA sample streams

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Use these streams to test your IMA SDK DAI implementations. For testing, see Testing DAI streams .

Live stream samples

Stream Content Asset Key Stream Format
Big Buck Bunny (Live) c-rArva4ShKVIAkNfy6HUQ HLS
Big Buck Bunny (Live) [Requires API Key *] XYrjlG09QTa8pxAo5Fzjww HLS
Tears of Steel (Live) PSzZMzAkSXCmlJOWDmRj8Q DASH

VOD stream samples

Stream Content CMS ID Video ID Stream Format
Tears of Steel 2528370 tears-of-steel HLS
Tears of Steel for viewability testing 2556080 tears-of-steel-omid HLS
Tears of Steel 2559737 tos-dash DASH