Share your workspace

To facilitate code collaborations like pair programming and testing, Project IDX lets you share your workspace with anyone who has a Google Account.

Note that when multiple users edit the same file in a shared workspace, changes might be overwritten. There is no merge conflict notification or support at this time.

To share your workspace, follow these instructions:

  1. Open Project IDX.

  2. Open a workspace.

  3. Press Cmd+Shift+P. The command selector appears.

  4. Enter IDX in the command selector and select Share Workspace from the list of commands. The Workspace sharing and collaboration window appears.

  5. Enter the email addresses of the users you want to add to your workspace.

  6. Click Share.

  7. Copy the new workspace URL and share it with the person you added to your workspace. Users can view a list of workspaces shared with them by opening the Shared with you tab in the IDX dashboard. Collaborators don't get email notifications of newly shared workspaces at this time.

Next steps

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