Welcome to Project IDX

Project IDX is an entirely web-based, integrated development environment. IDX can help you build and deploy applications in various tech stacks without the tedium of setting up development environments for yourself and others on your team. IDX runs on preconfigured VMs on Google Cloud to keep your development environment reliable, safe, and fully customizable, just like a local development environment.

New project templates on IDX support developing a wide variety of apps using frameworks like Angular, Flutter, Next.js, React, Svelte, and Vue. IDX templates make it straightforward to get started developing the app you want, entirely from the browser.

Continue reading for a list of some of the key features in IDX.

Key features

A familiar environment IDX is built on the popular Code OSS project and runs a full virtual machine (VM) powered by Google Cloud.
Gemini in IDX Gemini in IDX provides code suggestions as you type. You can use AI-powered code chat to ask Gemini for help with your code, including generating new code, translating code to another language, explaining code, and writing unit tests. Gemini also highlights possible license requirements based on AI-generated code.
Project creation with built-in templates You can quickly start building a new app in a variety of popular frameworks, including web frameworks, mobile frameworks, and templates that make it easy to get started with AI & ML APIs.
GitHub import Bring your own apps to IDX, or start working from a public or private repository on GitHub.
Android and web emulators Android and web emulators are built-in to help you develop your Flutter app and check your changes, entirely in your workspace.
Deploy directly from your workspace Deploy your web or Flutter web projects to Firebase Hosting directly from your workspace.
Workspace sharing (experimental) You can invite others directly to your workspace to speed up troubleshooting sessions or demo your work in progress, with complete shared access to local code, terminals, emulators, and more.
Full VM workspace IDX workspaces are configurable, reproducible and ephemeral to let you code from anywhere on a clean, powerful developer setup, every time.
Extensions IDX comes with pre-installed extensions to help you set up your workspace and get coding. You also have access to a variety of additional extensions available from OpenVSX.

Project IDX beta notice

Project IDX is in beta. Project IDX is likely to change and is not subject to any service level agreement (SLA) or deprecation policy. The implementation is subject to change without notice and in future releases.

Use caution before proceeding to use IDX in a production environment.

This product is provided "as is" and without warranty of any kind, and Google expressly disclaims any and all warranties, whether express, implied, statutory or otherwise, including without limitation warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and noninfringement of any rights relating to this product.

IDX additional program restrictions and disclaimers

  • Generative Code Features

    • IDX provides access to AI generative code and chat features, and associated developer services and software (the "Generative Code Features"), which are emerging in nature and also may sometimes display inaccurate or offensive information that doesn't represent Google's views, so use code with caution.
    • You must be 18 years of age or older to use the Generative Code Features.
    • You will not input any personal or sensitive information, including but not limited to names, phone numbers, addresses, emails, or birth dates.
  • Android Emulators Support

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