In May 2016, we released the newest version of Google Identity Toolkit as Firebase Authentication, and in April 2019, we released Google Cloud's Identity Platform. These products include upgraded client SDKs, open source UI libraries, session management and integrated email sending service for forgotten password flows.

On June 30, 2020, the SDKs documented on this page and the API setting page will stop functioning. (The and endpoints, used by Identity Platform and Firebase Authentication, will continue to function.)

To migrate an existing project from Identity Toolkit, see the Identity Platform migration guide or Firebase Authentication migration guide.


View our demo sites or get a login system up and running in minutes with one of our quick-start apps!

Google Identity Toolkit enables app and website makers to easily support multiple authentication options for their end users. The service currently supports password authentication in addition to federated sign in with Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, Paypal, and AOL. Even non-technical developers are able to add future login options and migrate existing users with simple configuration changes.

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The toolkit consists of a set of client-side libraries for JavaScript, Android, and iOS which integrate with the Google Identity Toolkit APIs. These libraries include native UI elements to handle basic login flows as well as complications such as account linking, change of email, and change of password.

These frontend and backend pieces together minimize the developer's burden of writing secure login code and maintaining different types of users. The login flow results in a unified user object representing the authenticated user and can begin a signed in session, enabling access and personalization as desired.

Demonstration sites

To see how your new app could function with Identity Toolkit, try our federated+password demonstration site.

To see how your existing app could transition to federated login, try our password only demonstration site. You would migrate to this flow first, then with only one non-technical step can transform to a federated+password flow (same demonstration site as above).

More information

To improve the user experience, the toolkit supports an account chooser as shown below. In many cases it will enable a user to sign up on your site in 1-click by choosing one of the email addresses known by their browser. If no email addresses are known by the browser, the user sees your normal login screen.

account chooser

Other companies that are members of the OpenID Foundation offer similar functionality including Akamai, Microsoft, SAP, and Ping Identity.

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