Using Click to Call

With Click to Call, mobile users can click a button to call a specific partner to book hotel rooms. Click to Call gives users the option to book a hotel over the phone with the assistance of a live call center agent. Clicking on the call button launches the user’s “dialer” app.

To use Click to Call, add a new Point of Sale (POS) to your Points of Sale file. The new POS must conform to the following rules:

  1. Click to Call can only be used with end-users located in the following countries:
    • Canada ("CA")
    • Germany ("DE")
    • Great Britain ("GB")
    • Spain ("ES")
    • United States ("US")
  2. You must supply a phone number that matches the user country that your POS targets. For example, supply a US phone number to a POS that captures US users, and a German phone number for a POS that captures users located in Germany.
  3. The new POS can only be configured to target countries that Google has explicitly whitelisted for Click to Call (see above).
  4. The new POS must include a <Phone> element rather than a <URL> element.
  5. If the hotel has surcharges for offline booking via a call center, define these with <Fee> elements.

The following example shows a Click to Call POS for end-users in the US whose language is either English or Spanish:

<PointOfSale id="TravelAgencyUSCallCenter" type="phone">
  <Match status="yes" country="US"/>
  <Match status="yes" language="en"/>
  <Match status="yes" language="es"/>
  <Match status="yes" currency="USD"/>
  <Phone number="+18321234567">
    <Fee type="per_minute" value="0.99" currency="USD"/>
    <Fee type="booking" value="2.99" currency="USD"/>

For additional information, see Point of Sale File Syntax.

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