Frequently Asked Questions (conference)

This page is the primary FAQ for activities during the GTAC conference. For FAQ's about registration, please see our preconference FAQ.

Where is GTAC being held? How do I get there?

GTAC 2016 is held in Google's Sunnyvale Campus, building TC6, in the Comic-Con conference room on the ground floor. Use Google Maps or any other driving app to get directions.

Where can I park?

There are 2 multi-story garages on campus which are open to the public for parking. Use the garages first, otherwise there are multiple surface-level parking spots around the buildings. Please observe parking signs, and park only in designated areas.

Where do I pick up my registration material?

Please proceed to the lobby of the TC6 building, and either look for GTAC signs, or ask the receptionist.

Where can I get the details about watching GTAC via live stream?

Live Stream information will be posted on Monday November 14, 2016, a day before the main event. At the same time, we will also post instructions on how you can submit a question online.

I'd like to share info about GTAC on social media

Please do! Please use #gtac2016 so your posts are more easily discoverable.

Can I see / share GTAC photos?

Please do! We have created a shared album, please add your photos here!

What meals will be provided?

Google will provide breakfast and lunch on both days of the conference, as well as carnival themed dinner on the first day of the conference. We will have vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. If you have special dietary requirements that are not covered, please contact us (see instructions below).

Are tours of Google's Sunnyvale Campus available?

The most interesting parts of Google's Sunnyvale Campus are outside the main buildings. Please do walk around and look. Unfortunately, the interior of the buildings are not accessible by external guests.

Where can I get some Google merchandise?

The Google mechandise store is open to the public, located at 1981 Landing Drive in Mountain View. Their open hours are Open Monday-Friday from 10am-6:30pm. The store phone number is (650) 214-3308.

I have a question or need that's not already covered, what do I do?

For any special requests, please contact us either via email at, or in person at the conference (the organizers will be wearing brightly colored green lanyards so we are easy to spot). We'll do our best to accommodate you.