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Google Documents List API v1 Reference Guide

Important: Versions 1 and 2 of the Google Documents List API have been officially deprecated as of April 20, 2012. They will continue to work as per our deprecation policy, but we encourage you to move to the Google Drive API.

This document provides detailed reference documentation for the Google Documents List Data API.



This document is intended for programmers who want to write client applications that can interact with Docs.

It's a reference document; it assumes that you understand the concepts presented in the Developer's Guide, and the general ideas behind the Google Data APIs protocol.

Document List feed

Google Documents List feed URI takes the following form:

The visibility parameter has two possible values: private and public. In almost all cases, your client should use private. For more information, see Visibility values, below.

The projection parameter indicates what information is included in the representation. For example, if your client specifies a projection of basic, it's requesting an Atom feed without any Google Data extension elements. For a list of values, see Projection values, below.

Currently, in the Documents List feed, only the private/full combination for visibility and projection is available.

Documents list feed

The documents feed lists all the documents for the Google Account that's associated with the authenticated user:

When the URI includes a id value, then the feed contains only the entry for the document associated with the provided id:

Visibility values

The following table describes the supported visibility values:

Visibility Description Updatability Security Notes
private For use whenever you can authenticate the request. Read/write access if the authenticated user has edit privileges; otherwise, read-only. Requires authentication.

Projection values

The following table describes the supported projection values:

Projection Name Description Updatability
full Full-fidelity feed; contains all spreadsheet data including formulas. Full read/write access.

Documents List query parameters reference

Documents List supports the following standard Google Data query parameters: alt, author, q, start-index, max-results, updated-min, updated-max, /category

For more information about the standard parameters, see the Google Data protocol reference document.

In addition to the standard Google Data query parameters, the Documents List Data API uses the following parameters.

Parameter Meaning Notes
title Specifies the search terms for the title of a document. This parameter used without title-exact will only submit partial queries, not exact queries.
title-exact Specifies whether the title query should be taken as an exact string. Meaningless without title. Possible values are true and false.

The Documents List data API supports the following categories.

Category Scheme Term Label Membership
Document Type type All documents of the corresponding type in the requesting users document list. Type is currently one of (document|spreadsheet|presentation)
Starred Status starred All documents that have been starred by the requesting user
Containing Folders folder-name folder-name All documents inside the given folder for the requesting user

Note that category queries can have name conflicts (eg: starred could mean a starred document or a document in a folder named starred). To ensure the desired results, it is best to use scheme qualification for your category terms when there may be a conflict. For more information about category queries see the Google Data protocol reference document query documentation.

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