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YouTube Analytics

Create report for a channel

function runYoutubeAnalyticsReport() {
  // Get the list of all channels.
  var myChannels = YouTube.Channels.list('id', {mine: true});

  // Pick the first available channel.
  var channel = myChannels.items[0];
  var channelId =;

  // Set the dates for report.
  var today = new Date();
  var oneMonthAgo = new Date();
  oneMonthAgo.setMonth(today.getMonth() - 1);

  var todayFormatted = Utilities.formatDate(today, 'UTC', 'yyyy-MM-dd');
  var oneMonthAgoFormatted = Utilities.formatDate(oneMonthAgo, 'UTC',

  // See for
  // supported dimensions and metrics.
  var analyticsResponse = YouTubeAnalytics.Reports.query(
    'channel==' + channelId,
      dimensions: 'day',
      sort: '-day'