Asset Group Signals

An AssetGroupSignal is a signal that you can provide to Google to optimize ad serving at the asset group level. Performance Max uses these signals to look for new impressions with similar or stronger intent to find conversions across Search, Display, Video, and more. Using your asset group signals combined with Google's real-time understanding of consumer intents and preferences, Performance Max can find new customer segments that you might not have expected.

There are two types of hints that you can provide to Google: audience and search_theme. An AssetGroup can have multiple asset group signals, but each signal must be added individually by creating an AssetGroupSignal and populating the oneof AssetGroupSignal.signal field.


An Audience is a reusable collection of focused segments, demographic targeting, and exclusions. An AssetGroupSignal lets you specify which Audience is most likely to convert for your AssetGroup. Learn more about audience signals.

An AssetGroupSignal can only be added to or removed from an AssetGroup. Any modifications of the related Audience should be performed using the AudienceService.

// Creates an audience asset group signal.
AssetGroupSignal assetGroupSignal =
                .setAudience(ResourceNames.audience(customerId, audienceId))

Audiences can be created with a scope of ASSET_GROUP to specify that the audience be used in a single asset group. The Audience.asset_group field must be populated with the resource name of an asset group if and only if Audience.scope is set to ASSET_GROUP. If an audience with ASSET_GROUP scope is upgraded to CUSTOMER scope, Audience.asset_group is automatically cleared.

Recommendations for audience signal optimization

The Google Ads API provides two recommendation types to help you optimize your audience signals:

  1. REFRESH_CUSTOMER_MATCH_LIST recommends updating a customer list which hasn't been refreshed in some time. This is useful if the audiences you're using as asset group signals contain customer lists.

  2. IMPROVE_GOOGLE_TAG_COVERAGE recommends deploying the Google tag across more of your website to improve conversion tracking. This can lead to improved accuracy of your conversion reporting, which can in turn lead to more accurate audience signals for your asset groups.

For more information, visit the Optimization score and recommendations guide

Search themes

A search_theme in Performance Max lets you provide Google AI with valuable information about what your customers are searching for and which topics lead to conversions for your business. This new criterion type can be used exclusively in Performance Max campaigns to create an AssetGroupSignal by populating the AssetGroupSignal.search_theme field with a SearchThemeInfo criterion.

// Creates a search theme asset group signal.
AssetGroupSignal assetGroupSignal =
            SearchThemeInfo.newBuilder().setText("mars cruise").build())