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Email markup


Unlock the power of your emails with

Email is an important part of how we get things done -- from planning an event with friends to organizing a trip to Paris. So much information is contained inside emails -- like the details of a dinner party or travel itinerary -- and so many emails require action -- like RSVP, or flight checkin.

By adding markup to the emails you send your users, you can make that information available across their Google experience, and make it easy for users to take quick action. Inbox, Gmail, Google Search, and Google Now all already use this structured data. is a markup vocabulary that is standardized and managed as a collaboration of Google and other companies. By working with, we are creating an open standard, so that the markup you embed can be used by any email product that receives them.

Gmail Actions

Gmail uses markup to accelerate user actions and to highlight the most important information users need from an email.

Gmail supports 4 types of actions and 1 interactive card:

Inbox by Gmail supports all the above actions and cards, as well as the five interactive cards described below.

Highlights in Inbox

Inbox uses the same markup as Gmail to highlight the most important information within an email, and allow user to act on it. It supports the RSVP, One-click and Go-to actions as well as shows Highlights for the following markup types:

Google Search is evolving from surfacing search results to answering questions. With Voice Search and Natural language queries, users can speak or type questions they have and see highly structured information cards in Search.

By marking up email you can help your users find their information faster on Google.

For more information, refer to Answers in Google Search.

Google Now

Google Now brings users the right information at just the right time. For example, Google Now can show you directions to your next event, the boarding pass for your upcoming flight, the check-out time for your hotel, and more.

By adding markup to your emails, you can provide Google Now with the information that makes this possible.

For more information, refer to Google Now cards.