Flexible, RESTful access to Gmail features

Read and send messages, manage drafts and attachments, search threads and messages, work with labels, setup push notifications, and manage Gmail settings.

Developer documentation

API guides explain how you can implement some of the most common use cases. Our Quickstarts help you get started quickly. Try the Quickstart in JavaScript or your preferred language. The reference documentation contains detailed information about API object types and methods.

This video gives developers a history of programmatic access to email and the motivation that led to why an API for Gmail was created. With the Gmail API, go beyond what standard email protocols allow you to do! (5:42)

This video digs into an intermediate example that displays the Subject line for chatty email threads (those with three or more messages). Viewers not only get a walkthough of the code but also get a bonus US history lesson! (8:31)

This video walks you through an example of modifying user signatures. Other settings the API can modify include email forwarding, vacation responder, external access via IMAP/POP, and filters. (7:40)